MediVision PLATINUM software

Our new "Platinum" version has been re-developed from the groud-up. This was done to achieve the various goals envisioned for the product.

As with all the previous versions, we have studied, identified and used only the best and the latest in the software tech spectrum - the methodologies, the tools and the technolgoies. With the ever changing software technology landscape, this effort was necessary once again - to ensure long term success for our customers and as a result the success of the product.

The effort was gigantic to say the least, but we are glad we did it. We are sure our existing as well as new users will be pleased with the result.

Even though the software techology landscape keeps changing faster than we would like it to, our goals have not changed - creating a solution that is EXCELLENT and THE SIMPLEST to use - for users at every scale - from small businesses to big enterprises.

We are extremely pleased to offer this new product to you. It's fast, robust, more new and exciting features and still very simple to use to anyone.

We are sure you will like it. Enjoy!!