About Allied

Founded in 1997, Allied Softech is a leading commercial software product development company based in Pune, India. With a wide range of products under its umbrella, the products have proven its mettle. The products are being used by thousands of satisfied users across India.

We provide products for businesses in medical/pharmaceutical supply chain, hospitals, retail and hotel industries. Our products are known for their simplicity to use and still offering powerful features. It has maintained a consistent standard of quality ensuring customer satisfaction.

The ever vibrant team at Allied works relentlessly to ensure the complete understanding of the business requirements and processes, to create excellent software and services that deliver tangible benefits.

We at Allied strive to delivery high quality, excellence and simplicity in our products. At the same time we focus on good and mutually satisfying customer relationship. We continue to use our domain expertise combined with the cutting edge technology with a singular objective in mind - delivering highest quality and cost-effective software to customers.